What is Deuterium Oxide

Deuterium Oxide is the compound of oxygen and the heavy isotope of hydrogen. Containing a neutron and proton in its nucleus, makes it twice as heavy as protium.

Deuterium Oxide Origins

Deuterium Oxide was one of the first isotope tracers. Pure heavy water, Deuterium Oxide, is the oxide of the heavy stable isotope of hydrogen, denoted by the symbols 2H or D.

Deuterium Oxide Uses

Deuterium Oxide is used in pharmacology where H/D substitution increases the half life of the pharmaceutical agent often favorably affecting the pharma-kinetics of the drug

Deuterium Oxide Applications

Deuterium Oxide is routinely used in the process of heavy water electrolysis for production of deuterium gas that is essential for semiconductor industries.


In the high technology and electronics industry Deuterium Oxide enhances the lifespan and performance of OLEDs and increases the service life and efficiency of optic fibers.

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