Reference standards play a crucial role in the field of anti-fungals, as they serve as essential tools for ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of these medications. These standards, which are established by regulatory bodies and pharmacopoeias, provide a benchmark against which the identity, purity, and potency of anti-fungals can be measured. By utilizing reference standards, manufacturers can accurately analyze the composition and characteristics of their products, ensuring consistency and adherence to established specifications. This not only helps guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of anti-fungal treatments but also facilitates the development and evaluation of new drugs in this therapeutic area. Furthermore, reference standards aid in the harmonization of global drug regulations, enabling effective international collaboration and facilitating the exchange of information among different stakeholders in the anti-fungal industry.

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Albaconazole CS-T-01518 Impurities
Albendazole CS-O-11587 API Standards
Albendazole D3 (OMe-D3) CS-O-03349 Stable Isotopes
Albendazole EP Impurity A CS-O-07126 Impurities
Albendazole EP Impurity D CS-O-07129 Impurities
Albendazole EP Impurity E CS-O-07130 Impurities
Albendazole EP Impurity F CS-O-07131 Impurities
Albendazole EP Impurity G CS-T-57972 Impurities
Albendazole EP Impurity H CS-O-32474 Impurities
Albendazole EP Impurity J CS-O-32712 Impurities

Albendazole EP Impurity K CS-O-32713 Impurities
Albendazole EP Impurity L CS-O-32714 Impurities
Albendazole for system suitabi... CS-EG-00048 EP Standards
Albendazole Impurity 1 CS-P-00540 Impurities
Albendazole Impurity 2 CS-P-00541 Impurities
Albendazole Impurity 3 (2-Nitr... CS-P-07094 Impurities
Albendazole Impurity 7 (Methyl... CS-P-07096 Impurities
Albendazole impurity mixture (... CS-EG-00049 EP Standards
Albendazole Sulfone CS-O-07128 Metabolites
Albendazole sulfone D3 CS-W-00083 Stable Isotopes
Albendazole Sulfoxide D3 CS-O-02843 Stable Isotopes
Albendazole-d5 CS-O-10206 Stable Isotopes
Albendazole-d5 sulfoxide CS-O-10207 Stable Isotopes
Albendazole-d7 CS-ED-00360 Stable Isotopes
Amorolfine CS-O-00867 API Standards
Amorolfine Hydrochloride CS-O-11597 API Standards
Amorolfine Impurity 1 (Amorolf... CS-P-07186 Impurities
Amorolfine Impurity B CS-O-14118 Impurities
Amorolfine Impurity C CS-O-14116 Impurities
Amorolfine Impurity D CS-O-14114 Impurities
Amorolfine Impurity E CS-O-14115 Impurities
Amorolfine Impurity F CS-O-14117 Impurities
Amphotericin B CS-O-00830 API Standards
Amphotericin B EP Impurity A CS-O-13556 Impurities
Amphotericin B EP Impurity B CS-O-13555 Impurities
Amphotericin B EP Impurity C CS-O-13554 Impurities
Amphotericin B for peak identi... CS-EG-00093 EP Standards
Amphotericin B Methyl Ester 90... CS-T-48168 Metabolites
Amphotericin B Methyl Ester D3 CS-O-10085 Stable Isotopes
Amphotericin B-13C6 Methyl Est... CS-O-13557 Stable Isotopes
Anidulafungin CS-O-07213 API Standards
Anidulafungin-13C6 CS-O-14943 Stable Isotopes
Benzoic Acid 13C6 CS-T-48679 Stable Isotope Reagent
Benzoic Acid-18O2 CS-T-48680 Impurities
Benzoic Acid-d5 Ethyl Ester CS-T-48681 Stable Isotopes
Bifonazole CS-O-06177 API Standards
Bifonazole Impurity A CS-P-00728 Impurities
Bifonazole Impurity B CS-P-00729 Impurities
Bifonazole Impurity D CS-P-00730 Impurities
Butenafine Hydrochloride CS-O-11614 API Standards
Butoconazol Impurity 2 CS-O-15850 Impurities
Butoconazole CS-O-06167 API Standards
Butoconazole Impurity 2 CS-O-15849 Impurities
Butoconazole Impurity 3 CS-O-15848 Impurities
Butoconazole Impurity 6 CS-P-07329 Impurities
Butoconazole Nitrate CS-T-09244 Intermediates
Calcium Cyanamide CS-P-07095 Impurities
Candicidin CS-T-10127 API Standards
Carboxylate Ion of Nystatin CS-O-13346 Metabolites
Ciclopirox CS-O-00545 API Standards
Ciclopirox D11 CS-O-16470 Stable Isotopes
Ciclopirox Ethanolamine CS-T-12893 API Standards
Ciclopirox Olamine EP Impurity... CS-O-14106 Impurities
Ciclopirox Olamine EP Impurity... CS-T-51441 Impurities
cis-2,6-Dimethylmorpholine hyd... CS-O-14119 Intermediates
Cis-Terbinafine Hydrochloride CS-T-43324 Impurities
cis-tosylate CS-O-10634 Intermediates
Clotrimazole CS-O-01129 API Standards
Clotrimazole D5 CS-O-13294 Stable Isotopes
Clotrimazole EP Impurity A CS-T-50929 Impurities
Clotrimazole EP Impurity B CS-T-13236 Impurities
Clotrimazole EP Impurity C CS-T-12742 Impurities
Clotrimazole EP Impurity F CS-T-45955 Impurities
Clotrimazole for peak identifi... CS-EG-00394 EP Standards
Crisaborole CS-O-16299 API Standards
Crisaborole Acid impurity CS-O-32847 Impurities
Crisaborole D4 CS-O-16638 Stable Isotopes
Crisaborole Hydroxy impurity CS-O-32846 Impurities
Crisaborole Impurity 1 CS-O-32997 Impurities
Crisaborole m-Isomer CS-O-32845 Impurities
Demethyl Naftifine CS-O-15083 Metabolites
Desmethyl Butenafine Hydrochlo... CS-T-16185 Impurities
Destriazolyl Bromo Propiconazo... CS-T-16643 Impurities
Echinocandin B CS-O-07214 API Standards
Echinocandin B Nucleus CS-O-07215 Impurities
Econazole CS-N-00358 API Standards
Econazole Nitrate CS-T-21493 API Standards
Efinaconazole CS-O-11195 API Standards
Efinaconazole 13CD2 CS-O-16776 Stable Isotopes
Efinaconazole 13CD6 CS-CX-00632 Stable Isotopes
Efinaconazole Impurity 1 CS-O-14192 Impurities
Efinaconazole Impurity 13 CS-P-08174 Impurities
Efinaconazole Impurity 2 CS-O-14193 Impurities
Efinaconazole Impurity 3 CS-O-33119 Impurities
Efinaconazole Impurity 5 CS-EO-00067 Impurities
Efinaconazole Related Impurity... CS-P-07811 Impurities
ent-Posaconazole CS-T-93303 Impurities
Epoxiconazole CS-T-54102 Pesticide Standards
Epoxiconazole-D4 CS-P-00972 Stable Isotopes
Ethyl Albendazole CS-O-15095 Impurities
Fenticonazole Impurity B Nitra... CS-P-00991 Impurities
Fenticonazole Impurity D CS-P-00992 Impurities
Fenticonazole Impurity E CS-P-00993 Impurities
Fenticonazole Nitrate CS-AN-00017 API Standards
Fenticonazole Sulfone CS-T-23580 Intermediates
Filipin complex CS-CM-00087 Metabolites
Filipin II CS-CM-00088 Metabolites
Filipin III CS-CM-00089 Metabolites
Fluconazole CS-O-00201 API Standards
Fluconazole D4 CS-O-06626 Stable Isotopes
Fluconazole EP Impurity B CS-T-51702 Impurities
Fluconazole EP Impurity F CS-T-52891 Impurities
Fluconazole EP Impurity G CS-T-18422 Impurities
Fluconazole Impurity 1 CS-P-07973 Impurities
Fluconazole Impurity 5 CS-P-07974 Impurities
Fluconazole impurity B (Y00005... CS-EG-00584 EP Standards
Fluconazole impurity C (Y00005... CS-EG-00585 EP Standards
Fluconazole Impurity H CS-P-07971 Impurities
Fluconazole Related Compound C CS-O-10392 Impurities
Fluconazole-β-D-Glucuroni... CS-O-01176 Glucuronides
Formamidine Acetate CS-O-31321 API Standards
Fosfluconazole CS-P-07972 API Standards
Griseofulvin CS-O-30933 API Standards
Griseofulvin 13C D3 CS-O-06654 Stable Isotopes
Hydroxy Itraconazole CS-O-05984 Metabolites
Hydroxy Itraconazole D8 CS-O-02725 Stable Isotopes
Hydroxy Itraconazole-d5 CS-BR-00010 Stable Isotopes
Hydroxy Terbinafine-β-D-G... CS-T-56485 Glucuronides
Hydroxy-methyl Voriconazole CS-O-16445 Metabolites
Imidazole CS-T-29171 Fine Chemicals
Isavuconazole CS-T-29619 API Standards
Isavuconazole D4 CS-O-16250 Stable Isotopes
Isavuconazole Impurity 1 CS-P-01518 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 10 CS-P-01527 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 11 CS-P-01528 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 12 CS-P-01529 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 13 CS-P-01530 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 15 CS-P-01532 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 16 CS-P-01533 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 17 CS-P-01534 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 2 CS-P-01519 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 3 CS-P-01520 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 4 CS-P-01521 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 5 CS-P-01522 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 6 CS-P-01523 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 7 CS-P-01524 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 8 CS-P-01525 Impurities
Isavuconazole Impurity 9 CS-P-01526 Impurities
Isavuconazonium Sulfate CS-P-02407 Impurities
Iso Fluconazole CS-O-10176 Impurities
Itraconazole CS-O-30493 API Standards
Itraconazole (I7000000) CS-EG-00556 EP Standards
Itraconazole D3 CS-O-06691 Stable Isotopes
Itraconazole D5 CS-O-02655 Stable Isotopes
Itraconazole D9 CS-O-02876 Stable Isotopes
Itraconazole EP Impurity A CS-T-09769 Impurities
Itraconazole EP Impurity B CS-T-62239 Impurities
Itraconazole EP Impurity C CS-O-03575 Impurities
Itraconazole EP Impurity D CS-O-03573 Impurities
Itraconazole EP Impurity E CS-T-56935 Impurities
Itraconazole EP Impurity F CS-O-03576 Impurities
Itraconazole EP Impurity G CS-O-03574 Impurities
Itraconazole for system suitab... CS-EG-00586 EP Standards
Itraconazole Hydroxy Butyltria... CS-O-15442 Impurities
Itraconazole Hydroxy Isopropyl... CS-O-15588 Impurities
Itraconazole Hydroxy Propyltri... CS-O-15441 Impurities
Itraconazole Methoxy Hydraziny... CS-T-32819 Impurities
Itraconazole Methoxy Isopropyl... CS-O-15439 Impurities
Itraconazole Methoxy Phenoxy I... CS-T-32812 Impurities
Itraconazole Methoxy Propyltri... CS-O-15440 Impurities
Itraconazole Methoxy Triazolon... CS-T-32814 Impurities
Ketoconazole CS-O-11673 API Standards
Ketoconazole carbonyl-13C CS-R-00602 Stable Isotopes
Ketoconazole D3 CS-O-02660 Stable Isotopes
Ketoconazole d8 CS-AP-00028 Stable Isotopes
Ketoconazole impurity 1 CS-O-15742 Impurities
Ketoconazole Impurity A CS-T-14910 Impurities
Ketoconazole Impurity C CS-P-00435 Impurities
Ketoconazole Impurity D CS-P-00436 Impurities
Ketoconazole Impurity E CS-P-00437 Impurities
Luliconazole CS-O-30625 Pesticide Standards
Micafungin Deuterated CS-O-13814 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity 1 CS-P-01688 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity 2 CS-P-01689 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity 4 CS-P-05321 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity A CS-P-01684 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity B CS-P-01685 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity D CS-P-01687 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity-I (MCF-100... CS-O-33259 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity-II (MCF-20... CS-O-33260 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity-III (MCF-3... CS-O-33261 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity-IV (MCF-40... CS-O-33262 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity-V (MCF-700... CS-O-33263 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity-VI (MCF-90... CS-O-33264 Impurities
Micafungin Impurity-VII (MCF-6... CS-O-33265 Impurities
Micafungin Sodium CS-O-01905 API Standards
Miconazole CS-O-01866 API Standards
Miconazole D2 CS-O-00653 Stable Isotopes
Miconazole EP Impurity B CS-T-35629 Impurities
Miconazole EP impurity C CS-O-07921 Impurities
Miconazole EP impurity D CS-O-07922 Impurities
Miconazole EP impurity F CS-O-07924 Impurities
Miconazole EP impurity G CS-O-07925 Impurities
Miconazole EP Impurity H CS-T-35630 Impurities
Miconazole EP impurity I CS-O-07927 Impurities
Miconazole Nitrate CS-O-07918 API Standards
N-(4-Phenylthiobenzyl) Fentico... CS-T-39752 Intermediates
N-(E)-3-Tributyltinallyl-1-nap... CS-T-62273 Stable Isotopes
N,3-Dimethylaniline CS-T-19780 Impurities
N,N-Dimethyl-1-(naphthalen-1-y... CS-ED-00377 Impurities
N-[2-(2,4-Dichlorophenyl)-2-[(... CS-T-90794 Impurities
N-Acetylpiperazine-N'-(4-pheno... CS-T-01039 Impurities
Naftifine CS-O-15048 API Standards
Naftifine 13CD3 CS-O-14999 Stable Isotopes
Naftifine D3 CS-O-15670 Stable Isotopes
Naftifine D3 HCl CS-O-15998 Stable Isotopes
Naftifine Hydrochloride CS-O-30985 API Standards
Natamycin CS-O-01992 API Standards
Nbd-nystatin CS-O-13345 Metabolites
N-Deshydroxy Ciclopirox CS-T-52156 Impurities
N-Desmethyl Terbinafine CS-T-16472 Impurities
N-Desmethyl Terbinafine Hydroc... CS-T-16474 Impurities
N-Desmethylcarboxy Terbinafine CS-T-16187 Impurities
N-Desmethylcarboxyterbinafine ... CS-O-06026 Metabolites
N-methyl-N-(naphthalen-1-ylmet... CS-O-33698 Impurities
N-methyl-N-(naphthalen-2-ylmet... CS-O-33699 Impurities
N-methyl-N-[3-hydroxy-3-phenyl... CS-O-33701 Impurities
N-methyl-N-[3-oxo-3-phenyl-pro... CS-O-33700 Impurities
Nystatin CS-O-01964 API Standards
Nystatin A3 CS-O-13344 Metabolites
Nystatin DMSO CS-O-13347 Metabolites
O-Benzyl Posaconazole CS-T-49044 Impurities
O-Methyl Anidulafungin CS-T-81808 Impurities
Phenyl (4-(4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)... CS-O-16259 Impurities
Posaconazole CS-O-30489 API Standards
Posaconazole D4 CS-O-10954 Stable Isotopes
Posaconazole D5 CS-CX-00590 Stable Isotopes
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer 1 CS-O-14137 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer 2 CS-O-14138 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer 3 CS-O-14139 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer 4 CS-O-14140 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer 5 CS-O-14141 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer 6 CS-O-14142 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer 7 CS-O-14143 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer R... CS-O-14144 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer R... CS-O-14000 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer R... CS-O-14145 Stable Isotopes
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer R... CS-O-14146 Stable Isotopes
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer R... CS-O-14147 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereoisomer R... CS-O-14148 Impurities
Posaconazole Diastereomer Impu... CS-O-16818 Impurities
Posaconazole Formyl Impurity CS-O-16819 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 1 CS-O-13949 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 10 CS-O-13963 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 11 CS-O-13964 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 12 CS-O-13965 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 13 CS-O-13966 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 14 CS-O-13967 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 15 CS-O-13968 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 16 CS-O-13969 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 17 CS-O-13970 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 18 CS-O-13971 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 19 CS-O-13972 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 2 CS-O-13955 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 20 CS-O-13973 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 21 CS-O-13974 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 22 CS-O-14149 Stable Isotopes
Posaconazole Impurity 3 CS-O-13958 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 4 CS-O-13956 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 43 CS-P-02402 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 5 CS-O-13957 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 6 CS-O-13959 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 7 CS-O-13960 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 8 CS-O-13961 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity 9 CS-O-13962 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity A CS-O-13945 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity B CS-O-13946 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity C CS-O-13947 Impurities
Posaconazole Impurity D CS-O-13948 Impurities
Posaconazole N-β-D-Glucuronide CS-O-16103 Glucuronides
Posaconazole-D-Glucuronide CS-O-13944 Glucuronides
Propiconazole CS-T-60797 Pesticide Standards
Rac-Luliconazole-E-Isomer CS-P-06983 Impurities
Rac-Luliconazole-Z-Isomer CS-P-06982 Impurities
rac-Posaconazole Diastereoisom... CS-O-14150 Stable Isotopes
Ravuconazole CS-T-41554 API Standards
rel-(2S,4S)-Terconazole CS-T-43339 Impurities
rel-(R,R)-Voriconazole CS-T-88019 Impurities
Ricobendazole CS-O-31021 API Standards
Sertaconazole CS-O-05528 API Standards
Sertaconazole D6 CS-T-61282 Stable Isotopes
Sertaconazole Nitrate CS-O-31022 API Standards
Sertaconazole nitrate EP Impur... CS-T-52659 Impurities
Sertaconazole Nitrate EP Impur... CS-T-49797 Impurities
Sertaconazole nitrate EP Impur... CS-T-50518 Impurities
Tavaborole CS-O-11197 API Standards
Tavaborole D2 CS-O-32649 Stable Isotopes
Tavaborole D3 CS-O-32600 Stable Isotopes
Terbinafine CS-O-02503 API Standards
Terbinafine D7 Hydrochloride CS-O-02903 Stable Isotopes